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Sena Agbeko step by step to stardom


By Edmund Bobie


In a period where the exceptional effects of boxers have significantly altered the global fighting profession, every country appears to be looking for its own germ to provide the spark that will bring a route to success. Sena Agbeko, 21-year-old middleweight is on an adventurous tale of redemption and the spectacular restoration of a shattered national dream.

For a country whose greatest sportsmen are those who showed prowess with a pair of gloves, Sena’s arrival has inevitably sent boxing die-hard on nostalgic journeys. With a burning desire of emulating success chalked by boxing hall of famer Azumah Nelson, Sena is reaching high above – reaching for the stars.

“Azumah Nelson makes me very aware that if I put in that extra hard work I will be the best in the World”

His sheer dedication and love for his chosen craft have already earned him the alias,” LORD OF THE RINGS”. At age 21, Sena Agbeko is undefeated, with 15 prize fights under his belt, his combinations are fierce – blistering hand speed – fantastic head movement coupled with solid hooks and jabs. He demonstrates maturity beyond measure, patiently out boxing his opponents, with far more experience and ease, He seemingly has the tool for stardom.

“Boxing is a very difficult sport, that’s why I put in a lot of hours. To become the very best you have to train harder than everybody else, I go that extra mile to make sure I become the very best. Once you put in the hard work and dedication you are 100% ready for the fight, you automatically zone into that warrior state the very minute you step in the ring”

It’s becoming more and more obvious that he’ll be the next Ghanaian star. He is well-spoken, unpresuming and mixes well with the masses. It is becoming clearer that Ghana’s first ever graduate boxer is very talented.

Sena Agbeko leads the next generation of boxing talents who are primed to take the next gigantic step into super stardom. And one person with considerable knowledge of boxing is fairly certain he will.

He can never be compared to the other boxers yet, because he hasn’t scaled the hurdle, but in contrast, the stunning impact he has made has driven him into the spotlight.

“I want to be the best in the World, the best in a very long time, I want to continue my winning streak and want to retire from the sport undefeated”.

Sena Agbeko will seek to give the crowd exactly what they want when he steps in the ring to face viable opponent Ramond Gatica on his US debut in the Boxinco Tournament.

Every move out there in the ring will spark something special, his tremendous power will be seen once more.

Sena Agbeko soon to be Champion of the World.






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