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"Injury-free season will see my best" - Nasiru Mohammed


By Ing. George-Patrick Bediaku


Ghana and Swedish top-flight side BK Hacken midfielder, Nasiru Mohammed has said that with an injury-free season, his best will be revealed.

The 19-year old attacking midfielder has played one-and-a-half seasons for the club since moving from Rainbow FC in Ghana; a half season in 2012, and all of 2013. Speaking with Agoronet, Nasiru marked his first stint with them as his best.

"The first six months has been my best season at the club. I had just moved from Rainbow FC. You know, I had also been with some different European clubs for trials so I was very eager to impress this time with Hacken. And I made good performances.

"Last season was good but not the best because of some few little injuries. From the begining of the season, I was very excellent till I started getting some small injuries."

After spending holidays in Ghana, Nasiru has since joined his side who are preparing to go on pre-season training in Dubai in
February. And he is looking to the new season with optimism.

"My expectations for this season are very high. If not for my injuries last year, I'm sure I would have a new contract with the club by now. When I was playing in the Europa last season, I could see that I was doing very well. I pray this season will be injury-free so that all the best in me can be shown."

Nasiru played with Abdul Majeed Waris in the season where the latter won the accolade for Top Scorer with 23 goals and recalls his time with the dimunitive striker.

"If you watch Waris, you can tell that he is a very good striker. Playing with him can be very easy, if you know what he can do and you give him that support. He will definitely score more. Playing with him is very simple.

"I really like him a lot. When I got to BK Hacken, he is the one who helped me in so many ways, on and off the pitch. We got to know each other very well and we played well together."



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