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Sena Agbeko suffers defeat




Another Ghanaian crushed out of the ESPN Friday night boxing tournament at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond-Indiana, USA. Ghanaian middleweight Sena Agbeko was stopped in the fourth round by southpaw Raymond Gatica.

Gatica was a southpaw and Agbeko was visibly significantly taller than his opponent. Both boxers came out swinging in the first round, but it was also obvious that both boxers were lacking in technique. Agbeko didn’t turn over his punches but did land enough in the first round to bloody the nose of Gatica.

Gatica started to land his hooks in the second round, but also had a potential knockdown ruled a slip. Agbeko was able to land a few straight right hands, but most of his punches were arm punches and did not do a lot of damage.

Agbeko showed signs of fatigue in the third round and Gatica took advantage of it. He landed some hard left hand shots on Agbeko and had him moving backwards into the corner. Agbeko looked exhausted by the end of the round and took a beating in the third.

Gatica opened up quickly in the fourth round and pounded Agbeko to the body and head. Agbeko was not offering up much in defense and was warned repeatedly by the referee to show something. Agbeko did not and the referee rightly stopped the bout at 1:06 of the fourth round.






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