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We have no option but to refund monies - BOX Office Promotions boss


By Ing. George-Patrick Bediaku


Box Office Promotions say they are in the dark about Ayittey Powers' decision to pull out of the much-hyped April 18 bout.

Promoter of the fight, Alex Ntiamoah Boakye, said that he had received calls concerning the matter but nothing official had reached him or his outfit.

In an interview on Power FM's PSIM, Boakye talked about the repucursions of Ayittey's action.

"We are not going to take it lightly. This is a fight that is going to be big for Ghana boxing, not only for my company but the industry as a whole. We have spent a lot of money and resources into this fight. We are importing rings from outside the country. There have been a lot of commercials on TV and radio, a lot of publicity for this fight.

"We have even paid commitment fees for this fight. Contracts have been signed. It will be very bad. But we are waiting to hear from him officially."

Asked whether the signed contracts contained anything that dictates what to do if one of the fighters pulls out. "There's a clause in the contract. But it will be determined by the GBA. You have to present to them the facts and they weigh it.

"If you're still not happy, you can then send it to the law court to seek redress."

"If this fight doesn't come off, we would have no option but to refund the monies."


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