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Our athletes need exposure - Prof. Doodo



By Edmund Bobie


Chairman of the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA), Professor Francis Doodo, has said that national athletes need to be exposed to international competition on a regular enough basis to improve their skills.

''We don’t support our athletes get the needed exposure towards the build – up to major championship. If they compete day in day out against the best in the world they will gain the experience'', Prof. Doodo was quoted as saying on Asempa FM.

''But if we wait till Championships for these athletes to compete with the likes of Usain Bolt, they will be psychologically taken out'', he said.

Professor Doodo singled out sprinter Janet Amponsah as a prime example, ''Janet Amponsah will come back from the World Championships without a medal or will not run as fast as she normally will do, athletes in other disciplines need international friendly competitions to improve, ''he added.

The country's performance at the world stage in recent times has been very poor.


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